KIBO Sight Word Bowling

KIBO Sight Word Bowling

Posted On March 26, 2020 in

Materials Needed:

  • Bowling Pins
  • KIBO
  • Sight Word Flashcards

How to Play KIBO Sight Word Bowling:

Have one set of sight word flashcards for the students to read from and have one set of the same words taped onto the bowling pins. Students will take turns reading sight words and then trying to knock down the corresponding sight word pin using KIBO. I like to space the pins out a good bit so there is more space to knock down that particular pin not all of the pins. You also could do a “strike” where a student reads all the sight words and knocks down all of the pins. This game is diverse because you can do it in either reading or math. In math, use it to practice math facts or subitizing.

KIBO Ambassador McIlwain is a First Grade Teacher at Green Valley Elementary in Hoover, AL. Follow Staley at @Mcilwain1st.

Contributed by: Staley McIlwain,

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